Digital Jazz does not mean we exclusively do Jazz...

'Digital Jazz' is a slang expression for all sorts of digital processes.
'Classic' means we also can, on special request, work analog.

Directly recording into our high resolution recording-system brings out the advantages of the digital domain where many things can be manipulated. We can also work in Surround-Dolby Digital 5:1 - which is very common these days.
We can work in several formats like Stereo - Quad - Dolby 5:1 monitored through our Duran Audio surround set.

DJC stands for diversity, where the musician and recording artist stands out front. Our most important task is to augment good ideas and offer all possible support to get these across to the audience in the form of a well made production. Our experience is of course fully at the service of the recording artist or at the service of the company which is in need of a promotional CD, DvD or otherwise.

In the united states it is common to say "the art of recording" and we agree fully with that way of thinking. Recording and working in a studio is an art and not a simple trick. Naturally we have lot's of 'tricks' available for you. The Creative process is a delicate one but with the right attitude and enough time, it can bring us wonderful results.

We are purists with an eagerness to experiment.

De knoppen...