Werner Hüsgen
P.U.L.S.E. Amsterdam groove

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  • the sound of a constant switching between Dance Floor Grooves and Swing
  • a good feeling about Rap and Hip Hop, thus bringing Jazz back to the Dance Floor and the sound of the Street
  • the wish to play with the elements of Pop Music without fulfilling the expectation of that rigid form

To me the essence of Jazz is much more connected to the idea of communication, rather than to rhythmical concepts,harmonic tension or tonal ideas. So, writing, performing and recording this music has always happened under the maxim of keeping the communication within the band moving, whatever drum loops,hardbop-changes, raps, spheric sounds were being mixed together. The idea of performing my music with this rhythm section came up first some years ago in a dance-hall somewhere in northern Holland. I was performing (as a member of the horn section) with a R & B Band and just started my sax solo, originally limited to 24 bars, when something magical happened in the band. I was flying over at least 20 choruses, the whole band moved somewhere toward the nirvana of groove, and all the public fell into rhythmical screaming. Later the manager came along to offer us a new contract for double the money. The final element was plugged in, when she arrived at one of our first rehearsals in Amsterdam, armed only with in-line skates and a SM 58 microphone. Along with the band,she improvised a rap, joined the band in one of those complex unisons just by ear and then she started singing...so Jozien was in the band. The music was developed,rehearsed and first performed in Amsterdam, a city so cool and yet so funky. Since this location has had such a strong influence, I decided to name the production Amsterdam Groove, The Album with the same name was recorded in s-Hertogenbosch /NL
July 1997 by Engineer Manuel Cooymans.

Enjoy it - Werner