Harry de Wit
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Artist Website: http://www.toneelgroepamsterdam.nl

HARRY de WIT, a composer and performance artist from Amsterdam. Mr. de Wit presented himself as an instrument builder, one-man band and mad scientist. He builds devices that make tiny sounds gigantic and, as a sideline, exploit acoustical phenomena; they also make quite a show. Amplifying the zaps of an electric torch until they were as loud as a disco bass drum; the flashes were the only illumination. Then he stepped - no, stomped - on a ''Soundfloor,'' which turned every footfall into a booming bass note; he was carrying airhorns hooked up to a blower, which made shifting sounds as he twirled them and pointed them in various directions. After a tape of spooky electronic rhythms, he put on a ''Tactom'' - sensors attached to his fingertips - with which he drummed on his thighs, knees and chest (producing something like a heartbeat), toyed with an electric guitar and, sitting in a chair, let himself be buffeted by his own noisy fingers.

A quieter passage followed; Mr. de Wit played bluesy bass-clarinet lines while tapping out a drone, with his foot, on the electric guitar. He used vibrating devices inside an amplified piano that set up vast resonances; slides of church bells were shown. And he concluded with another bout of air horns and ''Soundfloor'' and quiet puffs on an organ pipe.

Mr. de Wit has a strong theatrical sense; sometimes he seemed to be romping with his technology, sometimes at the mercy of it. And luckily, he has a fine sense of rhythm. He organized his electronic thunks and bonks like well-made drum solos.

For the opening of the Holland Festival 1998 the Leidseplein in Amsterdam was used as sounddecor. On the roofs surrounding the square and on scaffolds musicians and singers were placed. 35 Pizzaboys drove on their scooters with amplfied sirens. On a big scaffold in front of the Citytheatre (Stadsschouwburg) a lonely dancer balanced over a thin wooden beam towards a group of hornblowers, heavily amplified by DJC Recording 's-Hertogenbosch. This company owned by Manuel Cooymans has recorded several albums with Harry de Wit and did the sound engineering for most of his shows. Together with sounddesigner Michèl Koenders he was responsible for many of Harry's sounds.

For film en televisie: 'Thuisfront' by Ivo van Hove (Het Zuidelijk Toneel/NPS), 'De Verstekeling' by Ben van Lieshout (Bergen/VPRO), 'Chopsticks' by Ron Termaat (Bergen/NPS), and 'Schraapzucht' by Annette Apon (NPS). For these projects all music recording and music_mixing was done by DJC Recording as well.

He made compositions for many theatre- film- en televisionproductions. a.o 'De Tramlijn die Verlangen heet' by Director Ivo van Hove (1995, Het Zuidelijk Toneel) and 'Koppen' also by Ivo van Hove (1997, Het Zuidelijk Toneel) All live sounds and sounddesign were recorded and assembled by Manuel while Michèl Koenders designed all surround amplfication systems. All this culminated in the most wonderful production of all: 'India Song' also by Ivo van hove ( 1998-1999 Marguerite Duras / coproductie Holland Festival & Het Zuidelijk Toneel) with special thanks to Koen Lindner their sound engineer.