Dick de Graaf Septet plays Jimi Hendrix
The burning of the midnight lamp

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Burning Midnight Lamp MP3 665Kb

Manic Depression MP3 638Kb

Purple Haze MP3 601Kb

Artist website: http://www.dickdegraaf.com/

Musicians: Dick de Graaf, leader, tenor saxophone; Wim Bronnenberg, guitars; Erik Calmes, bass; Michael Gustorff, violin; Konkie Halmeyer, steel drums; Hans van Oosterhout, drums; Hans Sparla, trombone.
A surprising contemporary jazz treat from the Netherlands, featuring the Dick de Graaf Septet, THE BURNING OF THE MIDNIGHT LAMP features the musical compositions of the late Jimi Hendrix. If you like Jimi Hendrix, you will enjoy what this septet has done with his music. Excellent solo work abounds on this collection of 7 songs, and each song is given a long treatment filled with excellent performances. Selections include: "Manic Depression", "Little Wing," "Voodoo Chile," "Angel," "Dicke Luft," one of the best jazz renditions around of "The Burning of the Midnight Lamp," and "Purple Haze." If you are new to the sound of the Dick de Graaf Septet, this is a good introduction to this excellent jazz group. A well-crafted collection, flawless solo work, and an enjoyable look at Jimi Hendrix from a contemporary jazz perspective. Thanks guys for such a good time in the studio.