Born in a barn
Spring '99 demo

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Singer-songwriter Peter-Paul Kleijwegt, born in 1961 in the Netherlands, started playing in rock, soul, funk and jazzbands as a teenager. Being a music lover, it felt as a natural development, to write and perform different kinds of music styles. After these many adventures, he moved to the country in 1997. His first goal was to reflect on his music as well as on his life and love affairs in order to regain some self-respect and recover his roots again. He did well, after pulling through life's misery, enjoying nature and breathing lots of fresh air, he quickly started writing and performing again. Though he never abandoned his interest and feelings for American 'roots' -music like Folk, Country and Rock, a new natural course was set. This time with a more basic attitude: a guitar, a voice, an open mind filled with poetry and a new band named 'Born in a Barn'.

Live-XS (sept. 2002 National pop magazine) "Sometimes a record can totally surprise you. A remarkable good sound which is very complete, fine compositions with great variety and strong arrangements, the right slide here, mandolin there and the violin somewhere in between.